Simple Tips to Help Increase YouTube Video Views

Creating a YouTube video is easy. Creating a viral video is not. Asides from amazing content, there are still some ways to get your viewership up. Here are some simple tips:

Come up with a good title – this means come up with something that is a little catchier or intriguing.

examples: You have created a video of a your dog doing something adorable and want to upload it.

Don’t make your title “Skippy is Funny”, instead trying making something like “Skippy the Poodle Puppy Does Hilarious Trick”,

A title like the second one gives more information as to what the video is about before the viewer clicks. The first title is a bit ambiguous and when you trying to get people’s attention (which can be difficult), quickly appealing to their interests through your video title is helpful.

Write a fitting description of your video and ask your viewers to interact with your video – this is more straightforward, so just describe your video as best as possible. The description will also help search results. Asking your viewers to “subscribe” or “leave comments” can always help, but there is no promise they will be prompted to do so.

Tags are very important, because these help viewers find your video without directly searching it. Using the puppy example from above, when entering tags you should write “puppy”, “poodle”, “funny”, “cute”, “dogs” and even more similar tags. Having tags like this will allow a user to discover your video without typing the video title in directly.

For example someone types in “Adorable poodle puppy” simple because they like poodle puppies, there is now a much better chance they will discover your video.

The video thumbnail may be the most important thing in setting up your YouTube video and getting more views. Often times while surfing through YouTube you will out of nowhere see a video thumbnail that catches your eye and you click it because you are intrigued and had to know more. Often these videos do not have great content, but the video thumbnail is provocative, offensive, confusing, or just simply eye-catching. YouTube will offer you 3 possible selections. If they are not what you want, you should use a video editor to add a still image to the front of your video, which may show for a fraction of a second, but YouTube will allow you to use this as your thumbnail.

Finally, make sure you select the right category for your video to be put in. Once again this is straightforward and will help viewers find your video. It is more important to not put it in the wrong category more than anything else.

One of the most important things is spreading your video yourself through social networks. You should post your videos on friend’s walls and ask them to comment. Post links on relevant blogs. Put the link to your video in your Twitter account bio. Post a link of it on You need to be your own public relations person.

Once you get the hang of it, you can easily make videos that get a lot of views. Once you begin doing this, YouTube will monetize your account. This means you can have advertisements run on your videos, and if people click them then you get money! Let us help you make videos that make money.

About Simple Strategies LLC

Simple Strategies LLC is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and implements innovative online marketing solutions for our clients. We use all the resources of the internet to meet your marketing needs and always bring a "customer first" approach to everything we do.

4 Responses to “Simple Tips to Help Increase YouTube Video Views”

  1. It?s laborious to search out knowledgeable people on this topic, however you sound like you realize what you?re speaking about! Thanks

    • Our team is comprised of people of both a younger and older generation which I believe is what gives us an edge. Our younger generation is perfecting the social media aspect, and our older generation hones the business aspect. Feel free to post questions to be asked!

  2. I am in fact keen of reading content regarding developing new website, or even on the topic of SEO.

    • I am glad this is the case. Our company specializes in content driven SEO, in other words we stay away from keyword focused seo campaigns. A viral video, article, tweet or picture can do much more for your SEO than anything else. Thanks for the comment.

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