Creating a Twitter Following

When joining the world of Twitter you may find yourself a bit lost in this new world of short messages, commonly followed by #(insert random word here). You will begin browsing and eventually come across Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian, or some other celebrity or prominent figure and notice they have millions of followers. It dawns on you just how tremendous their influence can be with one 142 character message. Inevitably your next cognitive thought will be something like “how do I get 1 million followers?”. The answer is that it is not easy. As usual there are a couple of steps that can help your business gain more followers.

First, you should create a stylish icon for your profile. In this case, most likely your logo or a Twitterized version of your logo. Something sleek and clean but still embodies what your company stands for. A cool icon will catch people’s’ attention and will hopefully lead to random discovery of your company and eventually to a loyal customer. People will see the icon on other people’s Twitter pages where you post, under “Followers” and “Following”, as well as on the side dash bar under “You follow accounts that follow @random_twitter_name” and “Similar to @random_twitter_name”. Make something cool as opposed to boring, and you will get follows.


Second, make a cool custom background for your Twitter home page. This should be something that represents your company. If your company sells cookies, your background wallpaper should not be Ford Mustangs. There are plenty of free template versions for your Twitter backgrounds or at Simple Strategies we can create a custom Twitter background for you that embodies your company’s vision and goals.


Third, write a great description about what your company does, how it does it, and your future goals. This can be difficult with the character limit, so choose your words wisely. The most important thing you can do is add your website URL! If people read your description and like what they read, chances are they will visit your website. If that happens, then Twitter has done its job for your company.


Fourth, add as many people as possible, but still be picky. In our experience you should add as many people as possible, but these should be real people. Adding celebrities, or spam accounts, doesn’t really seem to spurn followers. Chances are if you follow Kim Kardashian that she will not follow you back. If you follow a random person who fits your a-typical customer, chances are they will follow you back and even keep tabs on your posts or visit your website. Now, that is a quality follow. In our experience for every 3 people you follow, 1 will follow back. As you begin establishing yourself and gaining followers, those numbers turn into 2:1 following to follow ratio. Remember to follow every one of your followers as well.


Fifth, if someone follows you, write them a direct message thanking them for doing so and offer them a link to your site, a phone number or even a personal email. As you will see, after following people you will receive a multitude of automated messages thanking you and asking you to follow them on Facebook, and the fact is you simply will ignore them. When you get a message written by a real person it is quite evident and more of a connection is made. We stress against using automated messages if you can, because in our experience, companies that use social media to strengthen connections between themselves and customers have more success doing so without automated responses.


Last, but very much not least, do not tweet too much! If you are sending out tweets every 3 seconds you will be more likely to drown out your audience and lose followers. Unlike Facebook, where generally a friend is a friend for good, on Twitter people follow and unfollow all the time. Keep your messages poignant and the quality high. Over time this will build your authority and people will listen and won’t unfollow you.


Those are some pretty simple tips that can help you start your journey through Twitter. If you are unsure about things, want guidance, or would just like to throw ideas around, please feel free to contact us at 914 879 2765 or at

Simple Strategies LLC is based out of the greater New York City area, and specializes in social media strategy and development for companies, as well as website design, graphic design, and our unique skill of creating targeted contact databases. Our specialty is online marketing and strategy for all companies, and we pride ourselves in our passion for our work.

About Simple Strategies LLC

Simple Strategies LLC is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and implements innovative online marketing solutions for our clients. We use all the resources of the internet to meet your marketing needs and always bring a "customer first" approach to everything we do.

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