Handling Doubt in Online Ventures and Expansion

When the first stroke of genius hits you for that new venture, whether it be a brand new start up or a new side to your business, there will most definitely be a range of emotions. These emotions will run the gamut of ultra excitement and fist pumping to you feeling extreme solitude and doubt. Handling these emotions are key and more important than that is finding people who can help you sort through these emotions, find the problems at hand, and ultimately aid you in achieving your goals.

At Simple Strategies LLC we understand that many companies enjoy amazing success with what they do in their everyday operations. A transition to the internet can be a scary one and in many ways can feel like landing on Mars. We are constantly reminded about how some mom and pop store started a website and hit it big. Obviously this is possible, but people seldom realize that this is not an easy process nor is it a short one. Creating a website is like recreating your business and its essence virtually. You can not just throw something up and expect it to do well. Creating a well functioning website that is full of rich content and ultimately provides a pleasant user experience is the end goal, but this is not an exact science.

Our company website has gone through a series of major changes, as well as day to day little changes. We always examine it to think of how we can make it better. You should practice the same thing when running your website. There is a great story about how the late Steve Jobs was urgently calling a head Google employee on a Sunday in regards to the matter that the color yellow in the Google logo was just slightly off. We think that is how you must think at all times. If the spacing or colors are off just a hair, then you need to fix it. Your website will grow organically. We all want the finished product to be something amazing, but the reality is that these things evolve.

When creating a website you should always look for feedback, but beware, your feelings may get hurt. This is where the emotions tie in. Only you understand how much effort and time has gone into crafting your website. Some will say they love it and others will say they hate it. Do not fall in love with praise or get bogged down by hate. Instead ask your friends and family what things they do like about the site (keep these things) and what things they do not (change these things). That way you will begin learning what works and what doesn’t.

At Simple Strategies we work with entrepreneurs and businesses to form a partnership that ultimately create an end product that both can be proud of. We act as a shoulder to lean on in times of frustration and want to be the ones you high-five when things really pick up. Working out of the Greater New York City area, we have exposure to some of the best businesses and their marketing strategies. We can help you create a website that embodies your company and ultimately makes it money.

About Simple Strategies LLC

Simple Strategies LLC is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and implements innovative online marketing solutions for our clients. We use all the resources of the internet to meet your marketing needs and always bring a "customer first" approach to everything we do.

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