3 Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Strengthen Your Brand

LinkedIn is the nerd of the social media group. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are definitely the cool social media websites for all the kids and celebrities. When you begin familiarizing yourself with these social media platforms you will quickly realize that as an individual, specifically a business owner, LinkedIn is clearly your biggest source for potential prospects, future employees, future partners, and overall it is populated with valuable content. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which can often feel cluttered and full of useless information, LinkedIn seems to just have more focus and etiquette.

In our opinion, if you own a business it is absolutely crucial to create a company profile on LinkedIn in order to strengthen your brand and here are 3 reasons why:


The SEARCH bar for LinkedIn is a bit like Google, in that it will try to autocomplete what you are typing in. If you have a company profile, it will show up and even show as an option during autocomplete. Why is this important? Because you now come up as a result on LinkedIn, instantly legitimizing yourself, and you may even show up accidentally and be discovered by someone new who may end up buying something from you, working for you, or even buying your company. There have been many times where I have started searching one company and been lead to another. Give yourself this option.


When writing cold emails to prospects we often attach the LinkedIn URL to the email. In our opinion there is a level of trust in visiting LinkedIn over a random URL they are in no way familiar with. Also, it can put their subconscious doubt at ease seeing that there is legitimate email, a real website, a LinkedIn link to a company profile, and a LinkedIn user (yourself) who is implicitly backing it all. You create transparency in an internet environment where there is little transparency and little incentive to tell the truth. Use LinkedIn to let the world know you are a real company with real people who work there. Supply your phone number, address and an email. Not seeing these things will make most people guarded and less willing to trust you. Open yourself up and shed light on your business through a third party like LinkedIn. Did I mention there are analytics for the business page that you can see?!


The best way to promote your own business is very often by promoting yourself. This means spruce up your own profile. In there you should put your title that you currently hold for your own business, and talk more so about the business and what you do. People will read about your experience there, which is essentially a pitch for your company, and most likely will be more interested. Ask someone you did business with to “Recommend” your services, which is another great way to give yourself and your company positive feedback. Also, when creating a profile you are given the option to add a website. Most people who own a business make the mistake of selecting “Corporate Website” and then adding the URL, which will then read “Corporate Website” on your profile page. Instead select “Other”, then add a title (Your Company Name), then add the URL. Now your profile will read “Simple Strategies LLC” for example, and the text will be a clickable link to your website. Use your profile as a starting point for your company. The bigger your personal network the more potential for exposure for your company. Sell your personal brand as your company’s brand. If people like and trust you, chances are they will do the same with your business.

These 3 things are really and truly simple methods of garnering trust for your business and empowering its brand and name. In a world of information overload, mistrust and lack of transparency, putting your information in a public forum in which people trust is paramount. Use LinkedIn as a launching pad to your website or to your call center. Make your company discoverable, accessible, and impressive through LinkedIn.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments. Simple Strategies LLC is based out of the Greater New York City area and has the capability to empower your company through social media, web design and search engine optimization.


About Simple Strategies LLC

Simple Strategies LLC is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and implements innovative online marketing solutions for our clients. We use all the resources of the internet to meet your marketing needs and always bring a "customer first" approach to everything we do.

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