How Not Having an E-Commerce Website Can Devalue Your Business

Starting a business is hard…very hard. The first few months or even year is most definitely chaotic. It can often resemble putting a puzzle together, sometimes with limited pieces, time and resources. Once a bricks and mortar type of company is up and running and finally converting sales and developing a brand, many business owners cringe at the thought of reinventing themselves in the realm of the internet. Moving your business to the internet is full of unknown quanitities for many, and the fact is that the internet evolves every single day. Many view having an e-commerce site as a nuisance or a hassle, which it most definitely can be if you let yourself get overwhelmed and do not have a team of people you can lean on for guidance.

Many people do not realize that having an e-commerce store is like having a 24 hour store located in every person’s home, meaning that at any moment someone can buy something from your website, tell a friend about it, and then start a compounding effect resulting in more sales. Once a company has come to grips with their identity and their goals, these can be embodied through a beautiful and interactive website that will help your bottomline, free up time, and ultimately strengthen your brand.

A great scenario to think about is this:

Jerry owns a small boutique t-shirt company based out of New York City and he is doing pretty well and selling his unique style of t-shirts with a cool logo. His store is small and not on a main street in New York City, but he still does business. He creates an e-commerce website that is just as cool as top tier t-shirt brands like Quicksilver or Polo and now his website is on a level playing field with these brands even though his physical store is not. A friend of Jerry’s, Jessica, buys a t-shirt and goes out to Colorado to visit her friend and while hiking  Jessica’s friend loves her shirt and asks where she can buy one. Jessica directs her to the website and she buys it. Jerry’s company now has exposure in Colorado. Now imagine this happening repeatedly. News of good products gets spread quickly through word of mouth, so take advantage. Jerry has now increased his customer base profoundly and organically.

People today like to learn more about everything, especially companies. Googling a company may bring up the company website, recent operating news, pictures of celebrities wearing the product. By not having an e-commerce website you take the chance away from a consumer who has interest in your company and wants to buy online. This is especially important for small businesses with few locations. Offer your products online through e-commerce, tell your company’s story, and control the content that circulates the internet in order to maximize brand awareness and strength, as well as potentially convert people into lovers of your company and recurring customers.

Everytime you do business, more likely than not, that customer will go to your website, give them a reason to come back. Use e-commerce to broaden your exposure and allow for people to interact with your company in a way only possible through the internet. Not having an e-commerce feature can be a huge turn off for consumers.

It may seem daunting, but it can truly be worth it. Just like viral YouTube videos, viral shopping trends spread just as fast, if not faster now. Give your company the opportunity to go viral and reap the benefits.


Simple Strategies LLC is an online marketing and web design consulting firm out of the Greater New York City area.

About Simple Strategies LLC

Simple Strategies LLC is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and implements innovative online marketing solutions for our clients. We use all the resources of the internet to meet your marketing needs and always bring a "customer first" approach to everything we do.

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