What Is The Point Of Twitter For Small Businesses?

As a small business owner you may think that having a website is complicated enough and that you are happy with what it does for you. Some may even go the next step and set up a simple Facebook Fan Page, which is relatively easy to do and to takes little to no maintenance. You make the page and you add some content here and there and you hope people “like” your page. Twitter, although more simple than setting up a company website or a Facebook, actually takes the most energy to maintain out of the other options.

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Simple Strategies LLC can help your business use Twitter to your advantage

Unlike Facebook, on Twitter the people who are most active are the people who create the most influence. As you poke around on Twitter you realize that there are people and companies who Twitter accounts have literally hundreds of thousands or millions of “followers”. The fact is that they did not get this way by leaving a stagnant page with no updates and without mutual interaction between other Twitter users. The point being is that you get what you give.

Set up your account and even if you do not know what to tweet, furiously begin adding other users. You will notice that people will actually follow back. Although this may seem like  a waste of time and energy as you click “follow” for all types of seemingly random people, companies, and other aliases, but without followers your Twitter account is weak. Weak in the sense that if nobody follows it then people do not respect it. 10,000 followers implicitly means that 10,000 people show interest in your cause. As a consumer if I go to your Twitter account and see you have under 1000 followers, than I will most likely think you are not tech savvy, not current, and not doing well enough to take energy to do what seems like a simple task (although it truly is not).

Once you build up a base of followers, begin tweeting things about your company, like current news or upcoming events, but also begin tweeting links to different pages of your site. 10,000 followers might mean that people will click the link, discover your site, or at least boost your Google rankings. DO NOT OVER TWEET!!! Nobody likes someone who talks too much and repeats themselves. Tweet messages with meaning. Tweet messages a couple times a day. Do not force things on people, because it will have the opposite effect.

Tweet other people or companies. The truth is that everyone likes to feel special, so tweet a person or company and mention their handle (@saidcompany). This will not only put you on someone’s radar but also might win you a follower. Show your company has concern and that your twitter account is more than just an automated service.

Answer people’s questions via Twitter if at all possible. Sometimes it is better to listen than to speak. Most likely this will take time before people begin interacting with your new Twitter account, but eventually you should encourage people to use the account as a question board where they can ask anything and receive a timely and accurate answer.

Twitter can seem like a foreign place, but you will learn to navigate it and adapt it to your business. The most important thing mentioned in this article is that “you get what you give”, so give it a lot.


Simple Strategies LLC is a social media consulting and web design firm out of the Greater New York City area. Specializing in internet marketing and how to apply it to businesses in unique and innovative ways.

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One Response to “What Is The Point Of Twitter For Small Businesses?”

  1. Our small business has been using Twitter somewhat but we have yet to really tap into its potential. Thanks for the guidance!

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