Why Ryan Seacrest is NOT the future of media (THANK GOD)

Ryan Seacrest is the man responsible for the Kardashian Influenza, as well as other content-weak media that is  overhyped and made mainstream. He is NOT the future of media, YOU ARE.

A disturbing new article by Daniel Roberts, posted on CNN Money, titled “Why Ryan Seacrest (For real!) is the future of media” came out recently highlighting how Ryan Seacrest is poised to take advantage of converging media outlets, both new and old. After reading this article’s title I not only got the cold sweats, but the 2012 apocalypse prediction was starting to seem much more real. The article highlights Seacrest’s mass exposure through his work on American Idol as well as his “content” driven hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. As I read, I started thinking maybe this was an article written for The Onion, I was literally that confused.

NOT the future of media

I admit that Ryan Seacrest has a strong amount of influence through nationally syndicated radio shows, over 5.5 million Twitter followers, a national audience via American Idol, and the mass appeal (everyone likes vanilla right?) of his personality and look to millions through television, but I simply refuse to believe Ryan Seacrest is the FUTURE of media.

This is why Ryan Seacrest is NOT the future of media

For the same reasons highlighted in the article that talk about converging platforms, outlets of content distribution and other media forums coming together, Ryan Seacrest will not be the future of media. The internet has changed media forever, and it will continue to do so. Unlike in the decades before, technology has allowed us to choose what we like to watch or hear. If I like the show American Idol, I can skip hearing Ryan Seacrest’s meaningless commentary using the DVR function. If I want commentary I can log onto the internet and chat with other like-minded people about how that last contestant was about as good as William Hung. If I like the song, I can go to YouTube and search for other material by that artist or a similar one. In other words I control the media that gets to me, NOT RYAN SEACREST.

Personally, I do not want to hear about or spend anytime wasted on the Kardashians or anything these money fiends touch. If this is what Ryan Seacrest has more of planned for the future I say I hope the Mayans are right. Luckily there has already been backlash against the overhyping of these contentless-type characters. You can even block out all Kardashian nonsense by using this , “DASH OUT”. The same types of things are being done with other overhyped “stars” like Justin Bieber, who is constantly being crammed down everyone’s throat. Celebrities consistently sell out in order to be part of “Bieber Fever”, who actually was a YouTube success story that made it big and is now part of the Hollywood Money Machine.

Seacrest misses again

Converging media platforms and outlets, means that anyone with talent can create something that can be loved by all. I can videotape myself singing and upload it to YouTube immediately and people can fall in love with the melodious harmonies of my monitone voice. If I want to be a comedian I can start my own Twitter account and begin writing quip one-liners about political short-comings. I can upload a movie trailer featuring my dachshund to my Vimeo account if I want. What I am saying here is that the future of media is QUALITY CONTENT DRIVEN. For the same reason when you hear a song and it gives you the chills like this one, or a video that makes you laugh like this one, you want more and the fact is that Ryan Seacrest or some other Hollywood know-it-all, did not create it. Instead it was some regular person with eye for quality and the know-how to share with all. This is what will drive media: user-generated content, ideas, creations and collaborations. Anyone can be a star and there is way more talent outside of Hollywood than in.

I would much rather watch Greyson Chance or Denver the Guilty Dog, or even a funny video I made with my friends instead of over-hyped, meaningless, psuedo-reality television and its spinoffs. Thankfully as the future rolls on, we can control what we watch, listen and share (and we can create the media too) and that alone will be the determining factor as to what is deemed successful, so Ryan Seacrest, you may want to rework your “content” a little.

Justin Dignelli writes independently for Simple Strategies LLC, which is a social media strategy and consulting firm out of the greater New York City area. 

About Simple Strategies LLC

Simple Strategies LLC is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and implements innovative online marketing solutions for our clients. We use all the resources of the internet to meet your marketing needs and always bring a "customer first" approach to everything we do.

6 Responses to “Why Ryan Seacrest is NOT the future of media (THANK GOD)”

  1. Totally agree here, media will be driven by the masses, not the few like Seacrest. I am already considering getting rid of cable and using netflix and youtube alone.

  2. Wow. Take your meds.

  3. agreed. Most of tv is trash now, what is wrong with “entertainment” when no talent assholes like the Kardashians can become famous for nothing but being “famous”. Sad. Ryan Seacrest is a host, that’s all. He has no real talent for anything but introducing people. He’s not even as charasmatic as his mentor, Dick Clark, who hardly can talk anymore and yet still has more charisma than suckcrest.

    • Thanks for commenting. Seacrest is a “safe bet” and in a world of people worried about brand image, he won’t make the brand better but won’t make it worse, so he has positioned himself to have mass appeal and large influence, but definitely NOT the person who will be creating meaningful content.


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